Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Hello all! Just got back from the esteemed Yankee Dental Congress in Boston - Ooh, the things to learn.

Had classes on:
Generating a Standard Operating Procedures Manual
Paperless Records
Implant Overdentures
Update on Posterior Composites
Early Treatment of Class II Malocclusion
a fun class on Forensic Odontolgy.

Oh, sure, CSI looks cool for a while, but after seeing enough airplane crash victims who are not much more than jawbone fragments AND seeing a fair number of infants in morgues, one wonders how fun that could be....

more office upgrades to follow....


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. Swanson,

I am the local Dentforms rep and would be happy to show you how our product works via an on-line demo.

Sue said...

I just read your entire blog in one sitting, mainly because I'm having 16 years of neglect fixed at the moment. So far: 5 fillings,2 molar extractions, 1 wisdom tooth extraction. Next week 2 root canals and a wisdom tooth extraction and then we're done! Hurrah!

Why 16 years? English butchery type dentistry instills a deep rooted fear in a child, but now I'm in the US, I have no excuse.

Could have been worse though!

Anonymous said...

Check out the article about medicaid failing children. They do not mention that many patients do no shows.