Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The only thing more fun than a dentist....

...is a GROUP of dentists!

What do we call a group of dentists? I mean, you've got a congregation of pigeons, a parliment of rooks, a murder of crows... So...maybe an extraction of dentists? An amalgam of dentists.... I actually like a gaggle of dentists. I mean, some people gag, and so.... hm.

I'll accept nominations!

In the meantime, I'll report on some activities of my local SOCIETY of dentists (Southeast New Hampshire!).

I'm happy to report that everything worked out fine with my event planning... The plate distribution of salmon vs. chicken proceded evenly, with no one sorely disappointed about missing out on their entree preference. Phew!

We also had a nice presentation by a hygienist from Tom's of Maine on their Community Involvement Program.

I'm a big fan, in that they are socially conscious organiation that makes natural-based products that are effective. There's a lot of "all natural" stuff out there that isn't worth the package it comes in. Tom's products, however, routinely earn the ADA's Seal of Approval.

(i just want you all to know I spent 20 min or more trying to import a .gif of the ADA Seal of approval onto this page. but i can't. Go pick up your toothpaste and look at that one. Thbbt.)

Anyway, along with giving hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the community, Tom's sponsors a program where they give dentists coupons to give their patients to buy Tom's products. The customer saves fifty cents and another fifty cents is taken out of the profit and given to various non-profit dental causes, assisting in access for those who can't afford it. Neat-O.

Secondly, we learned of many dentists in the Gulf Coast area who have lost their practices, or at least their patients, who have been dispersed across the region. 400 dental students in the area are going to have to be assimilated into programs elsewhere in the country. This strikes me as being a lot tougher than fitting a couple extra kids into each 4th grade class, since each student needs space to treat patients, etc etc. So, the ADA is contributing $10,000 off the bat, the NHDS is giving $5000, and a few component societies in New Hampshire alone have pledged up to $5000. As the local treasurer, we should be able to kick in a few thousand to the cause.

I can only imagine the total lack of options for people displaced by the storm - They have water but are struggling to just get blood pressure and diabetes meds; good luck if you have a toothache! So hopefully this will help.

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to buy Tom's products. Oh, and in case you care, I DO recommend Trident gum for my patients who chew gum. :)