Sunday, June 10, 2007


So, there used to be this website called, which now just links you directly to the site of Von Glitschka (sic), who, according to Rachel, is repsonsible for some new and exciting "dots" on the packaging of Orbit gum. They're lovely, really, but try explaining that to the checkout lady!

Anyway, Von used to have this site, and then people submitted true stories of how people died in an actual airport fire in Germany due to poorly made fire exit maps. It turns out that looking at these maps LATER, people studying the tragedy had no idea what the maps said, so how could anyone expect people in the midst of a fire emergency to figure them out?

Another story relates how two newborn preemies at a hospital died after getting adult doses of blood thinner - turns out the doses are kept near each other and similarly packaged. So here's two cases of bad design literally killing.

The following, while vaguely prurient, probably won't kill anyone. But it sure doesn't help the profession, or that business:

Thanks to Crackskull's buddy Alicia for sending me said graphic. You rule.