Saturday, April 29, 2006

Vote for Rachel

Shout out to college pal Anastasia Tuckness (nee Niefhof).... The following has nothing to do with dentistry!

The talented ladies of Espiral Design have submitted a logo for Portsmouth's Market Square Day. Among 40-50 entries, they were chosen for the Final Four. It is now up to Seacoast newspaper readers and internet denizens to select the winner.


I don't think you can vote multiple times from the same computer, BUT if you happen to have a couple at work, it wouldn't hurt to do so from different terminals!

There is a cash reward for winning, but the exposure would be the best thing for a young design company.

Also, you should take the time to appreciate that it is NOT just your typical square logo... I said, "Hey, wouldn't a more squarish...."
"NO. You clearly don't understand contemporary design."

So there ya go.

Vote. Tell your friends to vote.