Saturday, August 27, 2005

A day at work.....

This is from 8/22....

ok.  So, my First Day of blogging after work.

It's 6pm, and it was a pretty well-balanced day.

Just 2 fillings, but 4 exams (2 kids), an extraction (easy!) a root canal (not bad) a denture impression and 3 emergency exams.

Emergency exams are interesting, as people aren't sure what to expect.  They usually don't expect me, I've noticed.  :)   Anyway, the most annoying emergencies are folks who no-show appointments.  They make an appt., stand us up, and then, sometimes months later, they call back, "Ooh, I have a toothache, I need to be seen immediately!"

It's hard not to adopt an attitude of "Well well well.  Look who's come crawling back!"

or, "I told you so.  I SOOOO totally told you so.  You said, 'ooh, the antibiotic fixed the problem' and we said, 'um, no, you see...' [CLICK!] [boooooooop] and then you hung up.  Not so bright, eh?"

But it does rankle one, let me tell you.  Hey, general public:  If it's a nice day, and you're gonna blow your dentist least have the courtesy to call and cancel, 'k?

Today's moment of Zen is brought to us by 10 year old Cody:

"OK buddy," I say, "It looks pretty good in there."

"No needles?"

"Dude, you're obsessed with needles.  No, not today."


"Well, if you're disappointed, I suppose I could...."
"No! nonononono!"

"OK, well, we'll just bring you back down the road for a cleaning and some sealants."

"Down the Road?  I'm going down the road?"

" a manner of speaking, yes."

"Are you coming?"

pause.  "Tell you what - I'll meet you there, ok?"

I think he was being a smarta---, but hey, it's charming in 10 year olds.

That's all for today as it have to buy some salad materials on the way home and the cats need feeding.  la!

Ah, moving day!

OK, I tried starting this on yahoo 360, but no matter what I tried, I couldn't get crawled or add tags. So, a friend suggested blogspot.... Vini, Vidi, Blogi.

Here's the old place:
Embryonic Stem Blog

And here is my "first post" to let ya'll know why I'm here!

(think of it as leftovers, microwaved to perfection....)

Why a Dentist Blog?? - August 21, 2005

As far as I know, there aren't really any dentists blogging!

I googled it and there's this guy:

FullOsseousflap's Blog

He is a dentist (which is cool, IMO), but he is also quite the Republican (which is less cool, IMO). I mean, if I google "dentist blog" I don't want some guy going on about the California GOP and Ah-nold etc. He's entitled to his opinions, and if this was 2003, heaven knows I'd be whaling away on my "Dean for America" drum....
But he seems to not even be relating to politics as it affects dentistry, which is odd to me.

Just so you all know, just because most of us are in the higher tax brackets, we're [GASP!] not all Republicans. (And I, for one, am a wretched golfer.)

Mad props, however, to Dr. Cole for the "Fullosseousflap" nickname. Doesn't make sense to those outside the profession, but hey, the same goes for a good 90 seconds of "Finding Nemo." ["Ooh, he's using a Hedstrom file." "That's not a Hedstrom. That's a K-flex!" "Hedstrom!" "K-flex!"]

Then there's this guy, which falls into the not-uncommon category of "why dentists suck," which you find in the form of jokes and gibes all over pop culture:
[watch out; coarse language, kids!]

Electric Death

I guess he's more opposed to the product. I advocate tray bleaching, myself.

Also somewhat annoyingly:

But, at least he replied to my [lengthy!] counter-post and was obviously taking me in better humor than I took his jab, so props also to Mitch Denny. His blog is "tech-y" but at least he's not flogging the Governator.... :)

Lastly, there's this guy:

Daily news and comments on the situation in post Saddam Iraq by an Iraqi dentist

Well, God bless 'im.... Again, more political, but HIS blog is actually stuff you DON'T get from CNN and Fox News. Not much dentistry, however. He has bigger fish to fry.

So. I have kind of a unique perspective. I have a doctorate in a relatively esoteric profession. I am currently the Secretary/Treasurer of my local chapter of the state dental society. However, I'm also still under 30 and reasonably tuned into pop culture. I can quote Spongebob, Jon Stewart, Harry Potter, and the Killers. However, I can't name Britney's husband. I think it's Kevin or Jason, but.... Furthermore (ahem - I am ridiculously tangential - apologies!)...FURtheremore, i currently work for a non-profit clinic, rather than a typical private practice.

I see patients who, by and large, don't have insurance, or they have Medicaid. Some haven't been to a dentist in 10, 15, 20 years or more. Some have been domestically abused. Some are slackers while others work 50 or more hours a week in, say, the restaurant industry, w/o health insurance. There are artistic intellectuals and there are paranoid schizophrenics. (Note to self: make Venn Diagram of these groups....) The point is, it's a very unique situation.

Sometimes it's heartwarming, sometimes it's stressful, sometimes it's funny. I find that keeping a sense of humor helps retain my sanity and ability to keep up what I do. Think of Alan Alda in M*A*S*H. I'll be Hawkeye with a drill..... stay tuned!