Sunday, April 01, 2007

Go Bucks.... and odd websearches...

So, I would be remiss to not point out that "my" Ohio State Buckeyes have a shot at the national championship tomorrow, having neatly dispatched Memphis and Georgetown followig nail-biting wins over Xavier and Tennessee.

I'm kind of torn, however. My pal Sean is in a large pool, wherein he's been spot on the last couple rounds. If Florida wins, he'll take home a cool grand - $1000. So I'm thinking, Look, I'd LOVE for my team to win it's first title in nearly 50 years, but how can I root against my friends getting a new stove? I mean, the oven door doesn't even close all the way.... sigh.

So my favorite seach engine is Metacrawler, sinc e it kind of picks through all the other search engines to present a range of options when you're hunting for info. They have a fun feature called "Metaspy - ever wonder what the rest of the world is searching for?" Well, be careful what you wish for... I've been watching the searches just scroll by in the adjacent window and it's fascinating but a bit weird...consider the following:

free mature sex (I hate when you pay AND it's not ripe...)
breath hold underwater
black mistress trampling (ooh, who got into MY fantasies?)
trailer axle kits (spelling intact)
arthritis bra (followed by a search for arthritis braCLET)
married dating wyoming (Oooh, wait 'til South Dakota finds out!)
nude singers slim (Somewhere Ruben Stoddard is VERY disappointed)
free medical textbooks
preteen boys (presumably there's a romantic 12 year old girl behind this one)
autoinsurance clean car carpet (Pulp Fiction, anyone?)
im still standing (congrats)

My favorite is whoever it is who seems to be searching every five minutes for "carpal tunnel remedies".... it just keeps showing up in various permutations, and I want to find them and say, "Hey, here's a tip... get the heck off the computer!!" That's like having AA meetings in a bar. sheesh. I was also amused by someone searching for "myspace." Hmmmm.. where to look, where to look....

Adios Amigos. Go Bucks. Go Sean....