Saturday, December 30, 2006

Palatal Lesion!

Here's what I posted already to Yahoo Answers....
Hi! This is driving me nuts! OK, I usually get sick on vacation - immune sys. shuts down and I spend half of the time buried in a tissue box. This past week, no exception - started w/ sore throat xmas eve which has persisted 6 days. in b/t, have had rhinitis, sinus pain 'n congestion, cough. I've tx'd w/ lozenges, Vit C, fluids, boatloads of ibuprofen and a few tyl and/or tyl sinus here 'n there.

OK, so far, par for the course. Virus, cold, whatever (btw, i did have flu shot one mo ago...). YESTERDAY, I noted a slight swelling upper hard palate, ant. to vibrating line and 5mm medial to #s 2 &3. today, more swelling, lesion is maybe 3x5mm w/ a smaller 2x2 adjacent. tiss is slightly erythematous, dome-like, non-ulcerated, v tender to palp. no exudate.
my differential so far: salivary? lymphatic? drainage from sinus inf?? it is quite sore and thobs a lot. Any thoughts? (flew Ohio to Bos Fri AM and spent week driving 'roung OH/MI....?) Any thoughts?

Additional Details
8 hours ago
OK, i know it's not traumatic, as there's no ulceration. Secondly, I do have a very slight hx of H. labialis - the prodrome tingle and then lesion, tho' that's only occurred 2-3x in my life (mostly in school, i might add...). But again, there's one dome-ish lesion that MIGHT look herpetic, tho' the large one is nothing like....
They are still there going on 36 hrs but they are less painful than yesterday eve. also, i slept for like 14 hrs last night, so that was maybe helpful.
0 seconds ago
Yes, I considered the parulis/fistula possibility w/ the palatal root....but this is WAY up on the vault - almost adjacent to the midline and not on palatal of the alveolar process.... plus tooth is totally assymptomatic - no hot/cold or percussion sensitivity and no resp to attempting to move indiv. cusps. I have not had a chance to get to the office for a PA however....and I do probably have a good sized comp in there.