Sunday, March 19, 2006

Madness, I tell you....

Ahh, is there any better time than March Madness season? If there is a better confluence of sports, slacking off, beer and excess, it's gotta be getting out of work at noon and sitting in a sports bar watching four basketball games while drinking Guinness on St Patty's day with a plate of corned beef and cabbage on it's way.

Working in a primarily all-female environment, I find some difficulty relating all this excitement. One of the hygienists, a man (who is SO much cooler than Ben Stiller's Nurse Fokker) keeps me sane. But some women are tricky regardless. I'll come into work all excited about the Olympic figure skating short programs and did anyone watch it? Nope. They were watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Hey, new Pride and Prejudice film out.... who's seen it? No one; they all went to see "Stealth" or "The Hills have Eyes." Sigh.

Currently, however, my pool is being won by our friend Cathryn, who based close decisions on "Do I know anyone there?" Thusly, you have her brilliant predictions of Montana defeating Nevada and Washington squeaking past Illinois to the Sweet 16. With 25 correct picks in the first round, she's 4 up on ESPN's Joe Lunardi and 6 ahead of Sports Illustrated. So hah.

Rachel continues to ride Gonzaga deep into the tournament. I say, "Every year they disappoint you! Why do you keep picking them?" "Well, if I DON'T pick them, then that's the year they'll win it all!" Sheesh. Gonzaga: the abusive ex that you keep hooking up with, even after the relationship is irreversibly flawed.

In other quotes from R: "I think it's good that Kirby goes in the shower, cuz then at least it cleans his butt."
No one likes a cat that's, hefty to reach his own posterior for cleaning.... sigh again.....