Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vote for Recycline Toothbrushes!

Hello, loyal Blogites! As you may know, I'm a big fan of Recycline Preserve toothbrushes. Basically this company uses recycled yogurt containers to make various products, such as razor handles and tableware and the like.

You can check out their website here.

Not ONLY do they recycle the containers to make these fine products, but they THEN have an option for customers to mail the brushes et al. BACK to the company whereupon they will be melted down to create those plastic park benches and playground equipment, thusly:

Wow! Plastic lumber. Anyway, if that doesn't convince you, go watch the fine existential film "Stranger than Fiction," wherin the lead, played by a suddenly kind of serious Will Ferrell, starts hearing a voice narrating his life. Initially, this occurs whilst brushing his teeth. With a Recycline Preserve brush! ooh. Superstar!

ANYWAY, the company is now in the semi-finals for a seed grant kind of contest with Forbes, and they need your vote!

Help them out!!

They have great products and they're environmentally friends six ways from Sunday.