Sunday, February 11, 2007

Wisdom - The Epilogue

So the aforementioned patient from my previous post calls me the next day. "My face is throbbing and on fire and it hurts and is swollen."

"Are you taking Ibuprofen like I told you?"

"Yes, three of them every 6 hours." (You could ramp that up, but not too shabby there...)

"Are you following all the directions we sent you home with?"

"Was I supposed to read that?" (Augh! I KNEW I shouldn't have removed that wisdom tooth! Look what happens!)

"Er, sure...Anyway, take an ice pack, or a bag of frozen veggies and hold it to your face - 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. That should help."


"Sure. I think frozen peas work best."

"Eughh! I hate peas!"

Hopefully the insidious peas were unable to osmose through the plastic and her cheek so as to cause any REAL damage....



Don Wallick said...

Dear, dear Nate ... just more evidence that real life observation can be more entertaining than fiction.

I have to say, though, from the perpective of my almost 13 year old, the fact that all four of my wisdom teeth were removed when I was 16 would explain to him why I'm just SOOOO STUUUUPID.

Amelia said...

"Eeuuch, I hate peas..."

Ahhhhhhhhhh... Reminds me of my high-school-teaching days. This person is 31? Oy vey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr.nate.
this is khaled,the Egyptian dental student who gets depressed about his future about 5 times/minute.
Our great school system makes me able to answer a question like:describe the mesial aspect of upper 1, but I'm not able to memorize the anatomy of all the teeth and that's depressing me,so please would you give me a way out?
my e-mail is

Amanda said...

Dr Nate, remember me? Dental Assisting student in Detroit? well, Im done tomorrow, then its 160 hours of externship! Im so excited. looks like I will be at a pediatric dental office in riverview (fingers crossed)
I have a question for you though, our teacher gave us a review for the test tomorrow, there were two words we werent immediatley familiar with, cant find them in any of our books or online, maybe you can tell me where to look, or maybe they arent really words at all...ameloclasts, and odontoclasts. Now we know ameloblasts and odontoblasts but its the clasts part none of us can seem to find. Any help?


KVet said...

Wow, this is amazing. A dentist's blog. It seems like such an interesting world to peek into...thanks for being the only decent dentistry blog out there (there's only like 5 dentistry-related blogs). Bookmarked!

And I will shamelessly admit that I will floss today, in hopes that my dentist may not get on my case for not flossing (I am fully aware that I cannot fool him but I like to pretend that I'm not since I can't rewind every day for the past x number of years and floss each day).

Alexander said...

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