Sunday, February 05, 2006

Am I back? perhaps...

Due to popular demand (thank you for nagging Sean, Hank, et al.) I have returned to attempt to be a good blogger again. Geez, it's like working out; you really have to be committed!

So, to update, I have 80% sold out; that's right, I'm now working at a private office in Exeter. Everyone says, Oh, NOW you're making the big money! Well, um. no. not yet. Nevertheless, I remain confident that the "big money" will soon come rolling down the pike, yessir.

I'm still one day a week (and more occaisionally) at the non-profit, so I'm keepin' it real for all da homies, yo.

(to wit: "keepin' it real" means "making dentures" and "da homies" equals toothless or mostly toothless folks w/o insurance.

"Yo" is just added for street cred.)

so i'm going to send this off, eat some breakfast and tell y'all i'm back. more to come, perhaps (ooh!) during the Super Bowl.


WindowShopper said...

Indeed you are...would you mind humoring a non-dentite (not to be confused with an anti-dentite) with an answer to the age old question, "Does sucking your thumb mess up your teeth?"

morgan said...

Hey, nice to see you back in blog-land. I am also trying to get back into posting. Let's see how we do!

Dr Nate said...

Windowshopper - is it that old of a question? hm.

The short answer is "Darn Tootin'!" How do braces work? small amounts of consistent pressure on the teeth over long periods of time. What is a thumb jammed between your incisors? small amounts of consistent pressure over time.

it's not TERRIBLE for little kids to do, but if you haven't broken them of the habit by the time the permanent front teeth are coming in (six to seven y.o.) then you have a kid that my have an "open bite." The nice thing is, if you break the habit round that time, they often rebound to where they should be....

Morgan! Hi; go Kittery; yeah, you're overdue, too... get on that!

Jeanie said...

that has to be one of the best lines i have ever read and its the same here in Aus too. [public dentistry=pulling teeth and making dentures. edentulous ppl! yay!]

I's totally the new slogan of my blog.