Monday, October 15, 2007

And we wonder why people hate us...

OK, this article was brought to my attention this weekend:
Story about insane pervo-goat dentist

Please read it all and kindly return for the requisite commentary.

OK, you probably had to get up and wash your hands or rinse w/ some Listerine to get the nasty taste out of your mouth. Bleaaggh!

If you like, do check out the commentary by Sarah from Cleveland.

She seems to be less affronted by the story than I would assume a normal female would be, in that I have a hard time being anything other than apalled. However, I DO have to agree w/ her big question: What on EARTH was wrong w/ the 31 year old woman in the story? Six incidents over two years? I mean, I can imagine her having a conversation w/ a friend, "oh, hey, when your dentist massages your chest, does he go under your clothes?" "Ummm...."

I'm reminded of the "Friends" episode where Joey discovers that the man he's trusted as his tailor since childhood has been engaging in some activities not related to letting out a hem. Oh, God Bless You it is....

This has got to be a similar situation... I dunno. I do know that the WORST thing to say or even THINK in cases of sexual abuse is "Oh she really wanted it..." or "she said no but meant yes..." So I wouldn't say that, but I can't help but wonder if there was some kind of tacit approval of this activity? Yes, some people defer to authority no matter what, some people are ashamed and afraid to say anything, but ... TWENTY SEVEN women?? I can't wrap my brain around this.

Other questions: Where were the assistants before? Did they know nothing? Aren't they complicit in the abuse? How did this go on for FIVE years? Are people in California somehow denser? Is this going to be a black eye for Mormons, like Mitt Romney? (yes, he's LDS.... at least someone other than Catholic clergy are taking some heat...)

OK, that's all I can come up with for now.

Ooops! I came up w/ more. For NOW, you can still view said doctor's website.

I can't help but chuckle at the line, "Dr Anderson has a contagious sense of humor that he shares with his patients."
Should the snarky zinger I write be:

A - "Well, apparently they just didn't get the joke!"

B - "Let's hope that's the only contagious thing he's been sharing with them!"

or C - "Knock knock! Who's there? ..."

oh, I can't even go on.....

Before/After pictures of waiting room are forthcoming!


Nicole P. said...

Hi Dr Nate
I am a comment follower (I read the comments on blog and then follow the links to other blogs). I have found some fascinating sites doing this, as well as some freaky ones. That's how I got here, following one of your comments.
You poor dentists, I tell ya, you just can't get a break, can you? And neither can the Mormons. The Mormons are getting a bunch of heat in my world right now too, the scrapbooking world. Apparently the winner of this years Scrapbooker of the Year contest is Mormon, and it would later be discovered that one of the owners of the company that sponsors the contest is not only a Mormon, but she is also from the same town and church as the SOY winner. So the losers are claiming that it was rigged. SCANDAL I tell ya!!
Ironically, I have within the past few weeks wrote blogs post about dentists and Mormons even before I heard of these two situations. I must be intuative.
Take care, Love the post.
Oh and I love Friends too!!!

Sarah said...

Dr. Nate, thanks for the shout out. I promise I am appalled. Appalled at the creep but mostly at how people just kept going back to him. This post is hilarious by the way. And I love that you have a dentist blog. This is awesome.

Oh and may I just reiterate that 6 times/2 years = you're dating.

P.S. HGTV rules. But so does Robot Chicken and Family Guy. And Frisky Dingo (Do you watch that? It's fantastic).

P.P.S. To nicole p: I love that the Mormon scandal is about scrapbooking.

Dr Nate said...

Thank you ladies! and it's super weird...i was at a scrapbook store (cue joke here...a priest, a rabbi and a dentist walk into a scrap....enh, never mind...)
and was perplexed by how many of the samples involved these large temples and so many kids and that's when I realized I was in a GAY, a MORMON scrapbook shop! wacky.

Johnny Virgil said...

wait,wasn't stiles the guy, not anderson?

Anonymous said...

ew. yuck. puke. that's discusting. what a furreak!

dentiveto said...

I don't know about this exact case but I know for sure that in the states no woman would be 'embarassed' of that if it happened to her that she wouldn't file a complaint at once!
I mean ,one of the reasons i like the states for is that thing!
Am I wrong? OMG, where would i go after graduation!
But if the cases appear to be for money, that indicates the compensation(i don't know legal jarogn) laws in the states need some reform.After all, if what i'm understanding from american TV shows and movies, it's so easy to try someone and rip his money for a 'he stepped on my leg' kind of case!
The problem , I think , would be the long time the case would take!
We have a 'sleep for 3 years then come back' court system here too!
The difference is after 3 years , ou may be told that the case was postponed for 6 monthes!