Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sad Epilogue....

Oddly, this didn't totally surprise me, which is what sucks about being cynical when dealing with tough patients....

You all may remember the young woman who was hitting me up for drugs last spring?
If not, you can read about it here where I told the story.

Anyway, during my haircut recently, an employee phoned my cell to say, "Hey, wasn't her name....?" as the local paper carried a story about a young woman driving in the morning and colliding w/ a large vehicle. She died that day at a local hospital.

I attempted to upload a photo of the smashed truck/SUV or one of the entire top of the smaller car she drove which had to be removed before they could get to her, but Blogger wouldn't let me for some reason, and, of course, that's for the best.

I won't link you to the article, as it would identify the patient. Anyway, who knows if drugs were involved - I suppose that could come out in a future police report. I have to wonder, but after losing my own brother at 14, it always hurts when a young person is taken before their time, regardless of the causes.

Sorry I don't have more exciting dental news of late; I'll post more later, in August.


Anonymous said...

Aww i'm sorry.

Dr. Mommy, D.D.S. said...

sounds like a rough situation. but it seems like this girl was just on the wrong track from the get-go. it's hard to realize this sometimes, but you really can't help them all.

Anonymous said... this is the young woman you thought she was.
You're right, the loss of our youth is heart-wrenching.
I've met too many Moms without kids in the past month--makes me grieve all over again.
Thanks for sharing...Love, your Mom

Don said...

Hi Nate ... I'm sorry to hear this. I dare say that this young woman's intersection with you brought her closer to kindness and mercy than perhaps she had experienced elsewhere. You just continue to be who you are and the world will be a better place.


Jeanie said...

wow- thats awful :(