Saturday, April 28, 2007

Franz Ferdinand! Teeth! Darts!

Hey kids! Check this video out! Cool band and plenty of teeth and brushing action. ANNND as an added bonus, there's the 'darts' reference. Whoot!

Who got into my fantasies?

OK, admittedly, there could be MORE darts...And less British teeth (gosh, the drummer has teeth that could be described as less than "super fantastic!")..... but it gets credit for the choppers being anatomically correct, even if Alex Kapranos' brushing technique leaves a bit to be desired.

Anyway, to update those who care (I imagine that's two of you readers) the Cockney Rejects narrowly seized first place in the A-level Blue Division of the Seacoast Dart league, by edging out BC's Clam Doctors (don't ask) 7-4. A 6-5 win would have resulted in a tie, with first going to BC's due to them having won 2 of 3 matches this season. Thus the extra win was huge. As the 1 team, we had home pub advantage for the first round of the playoffs, wherein we handily dispatched the #4 Red Eyes team by a score of 8-3. In the latter contest, I won all three matches I played in, which is great, since the week before I didn't contribute any points. I should have been wearing my favorite self-deprecating t-shirt.


Also, since I'm trying to get more photos, check out my new office:

Just kidding - that's in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Mmmm. Mexico. Felicidades Cinco de Mayo, Amigos!

And mad props to my Graphic Design Consultancy Team (ie, Rachel) for helping me to make this more visual....
check out her blog here.

I have a bunch to write about the Kentucky Derby, but more later....


Dr. Mommy, D.D.S. said...

you would think that with all that money from their hit ablbums they would invest in some cosmetics! unless the whole austin powers look is in....

nice blog, btw!

amanda said...

i lost your email address so im gonna ask ya here, the dentist im working with gave me some nite white 22%. She told me to wear it for at least 4 hours or while im sleeping, but on the package it says for 22% you wear it for a max. of 1 hour a day.
What do you think?