Sunday, December 17, 2006


OK, so last week I had the strangest experience I think I've ever had.

Not dentally related, but still...

It was unseasonably warm, so I was enjoying a coffee and reading a new book on a park bench before heading to work.

The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing and the birds were singing. I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and realized that the birds were not just singing, but pooping on me as well. Nice.

(this is the point in the story where a number of listeners quickly point out "That's good luck!")

Funny you should mention that. So, I stood up and headed for a store where I could attempt to clean my jacket in the restroom. Not two steps away, on the ground in front of me and with no one else in sight, I noticed a crisp new FIVE DOLLAR BILL! Well, that's not a bad trade-off. Especially since the bird-doo easily cleaned off the soft leather jacket.

But that's not super's not as ironic as, say, winning the lottery, running out into the street to celebrate and getting hit by a truck. No, what was most bizarre was the book I was reading.

It's a collection of short stories entitled "Things Fall from the Sky."

I (bird) sh-t you not.


Ameloblast said...

You'd better buy a lottery ticket!

Colleen said...

So I've been told...that's how life happens.
Hm. I'm enjoying reading this too much. You've got a great skill for writing..