Friday, November 03, 2006

CSI...shame on you...

Sooooo, I'm watching the greatest show on Thursday night.... and there's this bit where they notice that this missing boy's grandfather is missing some teeth. They show a close up of upper Left part of the guy's mouth... he's clearly missing #6 and 7 or maybe 5 and 6. LATER, at an abandoned house, they find what looks like a 2 unit porcelein bridge... which is weird, cuz what's the point of that? if it's two units, why connect? the guy was missing two teeth, so it wasn't a cantilever.... also, when they showed the bridge, there was some sort of wire linking the teeth, presumably on the lingual.

BUT, it clearly wasn't like a Nesbit type appliance. That would look like a spider. So I think they just made it up and wrote off the intelligence of their dental viewing public.

Another time I was watching SVU and the "coroner" made reference to a deceased victim's "detention." Five minutes later I grasped they MEANT "dentition" and had butchered it...either the writer or actor and no one caught it. or cared.

That's why Finding Nemo was so good...They had an educated debate about the merits of Hedstrom v. K-Flex endo files! ooh, I get chills just remembering how my jaw dropped and I thought, "Wow...they made a joke that .003% of the population could grasp!" amazing.


Jeanie said...

how cool would it be to be a 'dental consult' on hollywood productions :D

and welcome back dr nate! hope the practice is going well. i can't believe you have so many staff! dental surgeries must be huge in the US

Jayelle said...

hey dr.nate:D i've just discovered your blog and have finished reading ALL your entries. (a sign that you must blog more often). (and also a sign that you have a damn good blog)

I love your sense of humour and mostly enjoyed reading your take on life as a dentist:) I am a 2nd year dental student in Malaysia. :) Will be reading more!

Anonymous said...

I agree those shows need some help. One time I caught Alex on CSI Miami saying that a victim's wisdom's were impacted 5 cm in the jaw. Not too realistic since that would be out the bottom of their face. I just started with the Yahoo answers too, it's addictive. RDH in Kamloops, BC, Canada.