Saturday, August 26, 2006

Time flies when you're being driven insane....

Hello! not much pin-action here, tho' I recent trip to Ohio netted me some valuable face time with loyal bloggite (and hip, chic Reverend-A-Go-Go on the go) Don. Yay!

ok, after selecting (sorry supporters! that included Rachel for what it's worth....) our next decision relates to our (sigh) slogan. I think it's really more of a "tagline" but whatever. I tried to upload the future phone book ads, but I think it was too big a file and I'm too dumb to shrink it down....

So we have the header reading "newmarket dental" and beneath it reads one of two things:

A - {We make a practice of caring}
B - {Caring is our practice}

what we're tyring to do is emphasize that while we may not be the fanciest practice with bleeding edge technology, nor the fastest workers, we DO listen to people and treat them as more than a mouth with a wallet.

We don't try to force "ideal" treatment plans down someone's throat (that's what mirrors are for)...we meet them where they are, explain options and let people make informed decisions. Surprising how many practices don't follow that model...

So let me know what you think....


Jeanie said...

definitely 'caring is our practice'

its short, its succinct and it sounds really professional... thats my two cents worth anyway...:P
good luck with it all! hope you're having fun in the new practice!

Don Wallick said...

I just love it when you add modifiers to my title, Nate. It was groovy to see you and I'm sorry I couldn't figure out a way for us to go have coffee before you left town. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

Glad you picked ".net" and I also think "caring is our practice" says it all.

Now, how about an edgy ad campaign that says basically what you posted: "Hi, I'm Dr. Nate Swanson. At Newmarket Dental, we're not going to treat you like a mouth with a wallet. We'll meet you where you are; we won't force a treatment plan on you; we'l explain your options and help you make an informed decision."

If all health care providers actually said stuff like that and then backed it up, there would be no health care issue in this country. So there. Hip, chic, Reverend-a-go-go on the go Don has spoken! :-)

beachtiglet said...

What they said, lol. BTW, I LEAVE the big city and drive hours to two doctors like that, one being my dentist. He HAS that newfangled stuff, but doesn't use it unless it's absolutely necessary. That's the one place where I don't want to be a city girl.

Good luck with your new practice, it looks awesome!

Josi said...

I kinda "followed" you here from Yahoo Answers. I think I'm addicted! haha
I just wanted to say that I like Caring is Our Practice too. It sounds more genuine.
I've really enjoyed your blogs.
Have a great Monday!!

Jen said...

I definitely like 'Caring is our practice'. It just sounds better =)

Anonymous said...



Colleen said...

What I love about the office I work for is that we have the best of the best, and still treat our patients with the respect (most of them) they deserve. Those with no money are treated just as equally as those with thousands. I don't know that I could work for an office that didn't follow the simple rule of treating others the way you'd want to be treated. Keep it that way, and your practice will surely remain strong.