Thursday, July 20, 2006

Get that f---ing thing out of my mouth, dumb---! what a 15 year old girl said to me today. She cried and whined...looked 19; acted 7..... cussed me out and gave the ol' "I don't want to be here! I don't want to do this!" OK, so leave. don't get yoru teeth fixed. but here's what's going to happen...more decay, pain, extractions or root canals.... "God! Why do you have to talk to me like I'm a baby!" ummmm.... "Well, I don't assume that people know all that stuff, so I try to explain it. i'm not trying to be condescending, but you deserve to know..."

"I'm not stupid!" oooh kay.... "But you said, 'I don't want to do this' and..."
"Why does everybody always twist my words! You guys are all the same."

So I was liek 30 seconds away from dismissing her from the practice in like, my second week. I had to put up w/ that crap in school and in the non-profit - But guess what, beeyotch.... I AM the man now, and you can't pay me enough to put up w/ that s--- from a teenager. a five year old, hey, they're irrational, I put up w/ some grief...even the 10 year old I had to pull a baby tooth on last week. fine. but not 15.

Anyway, when I came back, she actually said, 'OK, I'm sorry I was so rude.' which is good cuz it saved her having to explain to mom why she'd have to find another dentist. I may be wildly in debt, but I'm not that desperate.

Let me take this opportunity to welcome fellow, i don't know her name. but she's a dentist and she's funny and you can see her link off to the right under You can't Handle the Tooth! blog. ta da!

Hank, we're currently watching all the DVDs of Six Feet Under....the one character dies (whoa!) and is ID'd by mandibular dental records (Actual line: "Maybe it wasn't really her! maybe she's not dead and someone else had the same dental work done!"); and her fam is in Cor D'Alene (sp?) so they go off to Idaho at the end of season 4 and it's all kinda country western decor and so forth; kinda funny, albeit inaccurate based on my experience.....


Iheartprettyteeth said...

UGH...15 year old girls are the WORST!! I LOVE 15 year old boys though(not in a sick way either!)....they dont whine or cry....they're WAY too cool. Anyway, thaks for the "shout out" (another phrase that makes me cringe!) I was OSU 04! go bucks.

Iheartprettyteeth said...

P.S. We were all over drinking games .... I was the leader of the women's beer pong tour

Also, thursday night's....drunken ER, just like you played...but the best drunken Friends...drink when chandler says something funny, monica something nerotic, phoebe something stupid, rachel whines, joey hits on a girl, and ross talks about dinosaurs....

Needless to say, many nights it was tough to make it to ER!

Jen said...

Hey! I cannot believe that ANYONE would even say that to someone that is trying to help them! Even when I was having teeth pulled for braces...I didnt say anything! I closed my eyes and let the dentist do the work. No one deserves to be talked to that way, especially you, I mean you seem so nice and really want to help people! I hope nothing like this happens to you again! You definitely dont deserve it!