Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wow...she MUST be bored

At the tail end of the conversation on Southern Ohio, a certain first-time poster called "Rachel" wrote, "Wow...I MUST be bored. :) luv you nate..."

Well, I appreciate the love, but.... Seriously, only the painfully bored would POSSibly read what I have to say! YOU are blessed to be exposed to a consistent stream of charmingly whimsical Nate-isms. You should be more symmpathetic to the vast Nate-less populace that has never had the opportunity to bask in Nate-ness all the time, or harsher still, those who have experienced a brief, shining moment of Nate-aity and then had their Nate from their bosom untimely ripp'd.

(The latter is a shameless "rip off" of MacBeth, Act V, scene viii, in case the phrase resoNates with anyone...)

In other news, check out the progress of Ohio State basketball. Go Bucks. Whoot.

Have you ever wanted an Angora rabbit? I haven't. Rachel thinks they're "cute 'n fluffy." blegh!
check out Ernie the English Angora. You have to scroll past Oscar the Pug, which is a freakishly odd pet, but only relative to dogs.

Also, the ljc blog is charmingly whimsical and I recommend it to everyone.

off to Brunch!


Don Wallick said...

Referencing Macbeth. Nice. Very nice.

E'en tho you have been ripp'd from our Columbus bosom, I'm glad we can still experience you via the blogosphere.

WindowShopper said...

Behind every man's maniacal rants there stands a woman rolling her eyes...or at least that's my experience.

Dr Nate said...

windowshopper - there's a line from the Kevin Smith film "Chasing Amy" where Joey Lauren Adams says to Jason Lee, "you, with some girl (getting it on), not noticing the bored look in her eyes..." He cuts in, "Hey, I ALWAYS notice the bored look in their eyes!"

Jen said...

Dr. Nate, Your blogs are totally worth reading! I wanna read most of them! I love to lears more stuff and read about experiences of other people, and find out about someone else's perspective! Your stories are awesome and interesting, I love to read them!