Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rejected Dentist Blog Names

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison.

U2 started out as The Virgin Prunes, while REM was originally Buckets of P#$%.

If a certain father who shall remain un-named had had faster X gametes, I believe I would have been Elizabeth.

So in the spirit of whismy (and since it's the weekend) I now present "Rejected Dentist Blog Names."

The Secret Lives of Dentists (already a film as well as a

book by the appropriately named Jane Smiley)

Dentisty Bites

Dentisry Bytes

Chew on This

On the Cusp(id) of Fame

Tooth Wisdom (one of Rachel's favorites of my ideas...)

Brace Yourself!

Mental Floss

The Root of All Evil

Open Wide (disturbingly, but not surprisingly, this is already, film. I will not hyperlink to it, but if you are an "adult" who is into "film databases" there is a "dotcom" where you can....bleah. i feel so dirty already....)

and the other two finalists:

This is Not a Drill

and The Awful Tooth

So, hopefully it's readily apparent that my chosen title is a play on The Daily Kos, which is, however technically pronounced "ose" as in "close," not "oss" as in "floss." But it's too well-known a blog to not play with the name.

Adios, amigos.


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